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Plastic Female Mannequin

Plastic Female mannequins, versatile female plastic mannequins. These beautiful female mannequins not only are beautiful, but also they have arms that can be turned. Their heads are turnable, interchangeable and removable!

More! Now you can choose what face you like to put on them! Munchkin Mannequins is now offering you a choice of three faces. After you select your mannequin style, you tell us what face you would like to go with your chosen mannequin!

Hurry! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to "design" your own mannequin's looks. After a particular face runs out, you would no longer have the choice of face!

Each mannequin has a choice of three faces. You choose one out of the three for each manikin!

* Choice of mannequin face is subject to stock availability *
* Accessories (if any) such as clothing, wigs, jewelleries, etc. are NOT included unless stated otherwise. *
* Any bonuses are subject to stock availability *

Item no: G6

Item id: 83

Description: Plastic sitting female manenquin (skin)

Normal price: AU$289

SD/SI price: AU$130

SD/SI = Slight (minor) damages/imperfections, or ex-display or floor-stock.

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