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Dress form

Munchkin Mannequins supplies a large range of dress form products. Our dressforms include female dress forms in various sizes, male dressforms, children dress forms for different ages, dressmaker dress form, tailors dressforms, pregnant dress form and much much more. Our dress forms come with stands, either metal or wooden stands. These dressforms have padded surface and are pin-able, making them suitable for various garment display, fashion display, accessories display and artworks. We also offer dress forms that use jersey fabric cover or cotton-like (non-stretchy) fabric cover. Non-stretchy fabric covered dress forms have basic lines for elementary or amateur dressmaking and pattern drapping. A much cheaper alternative for non proferssional dressmakers. And if you are a proferssional dressmaker, we sure can cater your needs with our super effortable proferssional dressmaking mannequins and tailor dummies.

Item no: 98

Item id: 159

Description: Male dress form (black)

Normal price: AU$189

Sale price: AU$120

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