Our warehouse closed

Our warehouse and showroom are now permanently closed as from 31/10/2014. We are now operating solely online.

Please refer to our home page for more details.

Our warehouse/showroom are now closed

Our warehouse and showroom have been permanently closed down. From November onwards, we will be operating solely online with limited stocks, until they are all sold. When that occurs, our business will be completely shut down.

Munchkin Mannequins would like to thank all of you who have not only supported us through this tough time, but also offered us your trust and friendship. We wish you all the very best personally and business wise.

We are now operating solely online.

All pickups must be pre-arranged by at least one to two days in advance.

We no longer re-stock any items that are out of stocks.

Everything we have in stock is shown on our website. If they are not on our website, it means we don't have them any more.

Munchkin Mannequins thank you all for your past and continueous support.


We no longer collecting GST from 01/04/2014! As we are closing down, our sales figures do not require us to collect GST any more, so our products are now even cheaper than ever!!! Any reference to GST amount will simply be zero!


Finally, our website is ready for you to complete checkout online! We are now a proper online store with an online shopping cart for your convenience.

To check shipping cost, simply add item to cart and follow the checkout process

Note: for security reasons, we do not maintain accounts, this means we will NEVER ask for your credit card details and will NEVER ask you to log in.

Wigs Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

MOQ for wigs only transactions are shown on each wig. There is no MOQ requirement if a mannequin product (other than those listed under the page Partial body Mannequin.) is purchased at the same time when a wig is purchased.